Justine Serebrin is a native of Southern California. At the age of 7 her mother gave her a “how-to” face painting kit. This was the beginning of a lifetime of learning all forms of art. This included a fine arts degree from Otis College, work as a professional body painter, a tattoo artist, a published oracle card deck creator, and founder of the ‘Intuitive Artist Mastery Code’ an online art school for intuitive artists. She is the owner of the conscious tattoo shop, Earth Altar Studio in Eagle Rock, Ca., and the pioneer of ‘intuitive tattooing’. 

Always devoted to spirituality, the vision of intuitive tattooing came about during one of her deep meditations. She was in a wood-clad room on the ocean, warm rays of sunshine lighting up dust particles through large windows and shining on a woman’s back. Justine was behind the woman, no one she knew in particular, and she was tattooing her back. This intimate moment held the common understanding that the woman was receiving a healing from her in the form of a tattoo. From this point on Justine was determined to make this vision a reality. Flash forward to today, she has had hundreds of clients who travel far and wide for a tattoo from her. These sessions begin with an intuitive energy reading which is then alchemized into a meaningful tattoo design drawn directly on the body. A permanent and symbolic reminder of what Justine sees of them in their highest vibrational form; always one of healing and up-leveling for the highest good. If you're interested in this experience you can book a session now and read more about it in her WELL + GOOD article

Flash forward to today, she has had over hundreds of clients. Her sessions begin with an intuitive reading from her personal oracle card deck which turns into a unique artistic tattoo design made on their body or in the form of a painting. A permanent and symbolic reminder of what Justine sees of them in their highest vibrational form; always one of healing and up-leveling. 


In addition to her work as an Intuitive Tattoo artist, Justine creates pieces both large and small typically a mash-up of spray paint, acrylic, and oil. Her art is always an invitation to take a journey along twists and turns of color, splash, splatter, and stroke that will surely make the viewer take a break from the black and white world into one of subconscious revelation. Her next vision is sure to be a success, one in which her art is on the walls of homes, hotels and public murals and brings upon the highest intention of good for the space. 

Justine is deeply committed to supporting the health of our planet and ocean and uses a portion of all art proceeds to support Mission Blue. 

"Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean. Led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue is uniting a global coalition to inspire an upwelling of public awareness, access and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas – Hope Spots."

To learn more visit: https://mission-blue.org/